Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder

Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder

Claims: Gives skin a polished, naturally perfect finish. Controls shine all day. Blend of antioxidant fruit and flower extracts, including Lotus, Orchid and Acai to nourish and hydrate.

Review: Fail #1: Package design.

Almay is jerking off for joy over how it’s 75% recycled material, yet they use so much of it, any benefit from the recycling is negated by sheer volume. You pull this cardboard box top off, and find… more box, containing the actual powder.

Pry up the plastic lid, and try your best to extract some powder from the box without throwing it against the wall, I dare you. It takes a lot of work to get enough powder to find its way through the holes so that you can dab it up onto the teensy little included puff, so application is both frustrating and takes a long time.

If you did fling it against the wall, you will now likely have the opposite problem with which to contend: I bet you now have loads of powder that worked its way through the holes, and must strive to not take up so much powder on the puff that you get crazy fall-out all over your shirt.

Fail #2: The product itself. Shade: 100, “translucent matte”.

The finish is too reflective. Matte? I laugh at Almay’s definition of “matte” if they think this is it. HAH. See? That’s me laughing. There’s so much mica in this powder, even a light application makes skin gleam as if it’s been butter-basted like a Thanksgiving turkey.

If your aim is to emit a greasy sheen, this is the powder for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to look as if you have washed your face recently, best to avoid this stinker.

Cost: $8.

Repurchase:  No.

Awesomesauce, mediocre, or crapola: Crapola.

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