Fresh Supernova Mascara

Fresh Supernova Mascara

Claims: Dress up your lashes with our bestselling SUPERNOVA MASCARA, which defines, thickens, lengthens, and curls in one coat. Our exclusive brush saturates each lash with glossy, jet black color, making them look dramatic, glamorous, and supernatural. An ultra-rich, nourishing formula strengthens lashes and ensures clump-free results that won’t smudge or run.

Review: Let’s take each of these claims in turn, shall we? The lengthening and thickening was decent; only one coat is needed to get an acceptable result. Thank god for my metal lash comb, though, because you HAVE to comb through after application or you WILL have clumps.

More than a single coat will stick lashes together in chunks that defy combing out, however, resulting in the dreaded “spider legs” effect. Defining… not so much. This is a mascara that requires use of a lash comb, because the clumps, they are significant.

Let’s be happy the brush is exclusive, because it’s kind of crap and I’d hate to see it on any other mascaras. It’s fluffy, allowing a lot of product to glom onto the lashes, but that also means that the brush doesn’t actually get between the lashes (I suspect this is why the definition and separation doesn’t happen).
The result is that the brush presses the lashes back, possibly creating curl but absolutely creating smudges that require cleaning up, which is a pain (especially if you’ve already applied your eyeshadow and liner).
Lookit all that dark schmutz on my eyelid!
Lookit all that dark schmutz on my eyelid!

Also, the brush is so big that it’s hard to get to the teensy lashes at the inner corner of the eyes, leaving them naked and shivering in the cold.

Cost: $25.

Repurchase:  No.

Awesomesauce, mediocre, or crapola: Crapola, because of all the extra work needed to comb out the clumps, then clean off the smudges on the eyelid.

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