Nars Orgasm review

Nars Orgasm Lipgloss & Nail Polish

Claims for lip gloss: Orgasm was named “Best Lip Gloss for Fair Skin” 2010 InStyle “Best Beauty Buys”. Ultra-smooth, non-sticky, comfortable wear. Enriched with Vitamin E to help lips feel supple and hydrated.

Claims for nail polish: Fashion-forward and classic NARS Nail Polish shades impart incredible luster and prolonged gloss retention with UV protection to prevent polish discoloration. An advanced polymer system provides extended wear and a durable, chip-resistant finish.

Review: So, everyone’s been jerking off (haha) over Orgasm  for the past year or two since its debut.

Yes, it’s a lovely color– in the container. The color is pretty, but the gold shimmer particles make it look yellow. Together, the pink and yellow clash and look awful. You apply it and it’s like a hologram– viewed one way, you get a lovely fresh peachy pink, but angle it just slightly, and suddenly your lips and nails are a ghastly sallow color.

Not to mention that the lip gloss smells bad, and is very sticky and tacky. Pressing my lips together feels gross instead of smooth and moisturized, as if they’re coated in plastic (which in a way I suppose they are).

Your mileage may vary, of course, but with designer prices making them twice to three times as costly as drug store equivalents, it’s a bit of a leap of faith to (stupidly, like I did) buy it based on everyone’s rave reviews and then be stuck with 2 stinkers.

Cost: lip gloss $24, nail polish $17.

Repurchase:  No.

Awesomesauce, mediocre, or crapola: Crrrapola. The taste of the gloss was enough to turn my stomach.

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