Review: ULTA Extreme Wear Cream Eyeshadow

ULTA Extreme Wear Cream Eyeshadow

ULTA Extreme Wear Cream Eyeshadow

Claim: ULTA Cream Eye Shadow and Eye Liner offers the benefit of two products in one small portable package.  The creamy formula goes on smoothly and evenly, while the sponge applicator makes it easy to shade the entire lid as a shadow or create a fine line as a liner.

Review: This eyeshadow is more like a liquid than a cream– its consistency is very fluid, not creamy at all. That’s not to say it’s not a good product; it is! It goes on with a doefoot application, and unlike some non-powder eyeshadows that dry so quickly you’ve no time to play with them, this give you a goodly amount of time to smooth it around, blend it, etc.

I like that you can apply it with the doefoot, rather than having to dip your fingers into little pots. Not only is that unhygienic, but it gets under my long fingernails, which also dig into the pots… it makes a hot mess. With this eyeshadow, you apply it where you like with the doefoot, then can use your fingertips as you wish to smooth and blend it. The pointed applicator is good if you want to use it as a liner, too– really gets under the lower lashes.

I have never used an eyeshadow primer with this, and still it lasts forever and doesn’t crease on me (but I don’t have oily lids; your mileage may vary). It works splendidly, with excellent color payoff, either alone or as a base/primer for a powder shadow on top.

Cost: $8 (on sale for buy 2 get 2 free at as of 12/26/11!)

Repurchase:  Yes.

Awesomesauce, mediocre, or crapola: Awesomesauce!

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