Review: Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer

HardlyFatal's Review of Benefit's You Rebel Tinted MoisturizerClaim: Our defiantly different tinted moisturizers give your complexion coverage, moisture and SPF 15 protection all in one.

Review: This shit is awful. The texture is weird and at the same time pasty and greasy. It also separates, so you have to either massage the tube prior to dispensing, or squirt some out and blend it well prior to application. And with a metal tube, you KNOW it will eventually crack and stuff will ooze out.

The You Rebel line is very limited in shade “range”: there are 2 shades, and fuck you if you don’t match either, I guess. YR Lite might work better for me (MAC NC 20, in case you care) but I doubt the problems of its darker sister have been eradicated so why bother?

It’s not very blendable; I damn near wore the skin off my throat in trying to ease the tidemark of orangey color from jaw to neck, and it just wasn’t happening. It did not sink into the skin like a moisturizer should, very obviously sitting on top like a full-coverage foundation.

It wore like iron, which was a damned shame, as I was hoping it would abandon me so I could go back to looking normal and get this mess off my face (no time to remove it properly). Regardless of how long it had been on– minutes or hours- there was always this residue feeling that persisted.

The finish is shiny, in a bad way. It just feels greasy, and I could literally feel zits forming little sore spots as the day went on. When I was finally able to wash it off, my face (formerly a Clarisonic-honed perfection of baby-ass smoothness) had several blooms of tiny pimples at my temples, chin, and along my nose.

I thought, ok, maybe it’s just me. I loved Benefit’s Boi-ing Concealer, I love their Some Kind-A Gorgeous foundation (review coming soon!), so maybe it’s just me that this TM hates. I gave it to my friend, Vesica, to try. Her skin tone is darker than mine, so it might actually match her face.

Readers, it was awful on her, too. Greasy-feeling from the jump, it had the thick feel of foundation without any of the coverage– it didn’t mask any sunspots or freckles, or provide any noticeable evening of Vesica’s skin tone. Within two hours, she was thinking longingly of when she could wash it off her face, and regretting that it would be at least 6 hours in the future.

Cost: $30.00! Talk about being reamed without lube.

Repurchase: Oh HELL no.

Awesomesauce, mediocre, or crapola: Crapola.

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