Review: Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara

Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara

Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara

Claim: Reach new heights with our drastically improved, six-in-one Skyscraper Mascara. Our innovative formula will lengthen, strengthen, separate, curl, brighten and thicken your lashes without even a hint of clumping or flaking. The state-of-the-art, new generation brush features a flexible shaft and multiple rows of tapered bristles to comb through lashes from root to tip. Skyscraper gives you that “come hither” look that gets ’em every time

Review: Generally, I love Urban Decay’s products. Their Primer Potion is the bomb, their eyeshadows are fabulous. So I leapt at the opportunity to use this mascara, and boy did it suck balls. I don’t think there’s a single positive thing I can say about it.



Review: Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer

HardlyFatal's Review of Benefit's You Rebel Tinted MoisturizerClaim: Our defiantly different tinted moisturizers give your complexion coverage, moisture and SPF 15 protection all in one.

Review: This shit is awful. The texture is weird and at the same time pasty and greasy. It also separates, so you have to either massage the tube prior to dispensing, or squirt some out and blend it well prior to application. And with a metal tube, you KNOW it will eventually crack and stuff will ooze out. More

Tarina Tarantino Lip Gems Gloss

Tarina Taratino Lip Gems Gloss
Claims: This gloss hydrates, nourishes, exfoliates, and plumps with a combination of filling spheres, a marine extract blend, a reflective emollient, and a chemical exfoliator.
Review: I’ve been struggling for a LONG time to find a gloss that would actually provide color without sparkles, shimmer, or glitter.  Either the lip glosses I find provide color along with enough glittery particles to coat a disco ball, or  there’s so little pigment to them that it looks like I’m just wearing clear gloss.

Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder

Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder

Claims: Gives skin a polished, naturally perfect finish. Controls shine all day. Blend of antioxidant fruit and flower extracts, including Lotus, Orchid and Acai to nourish and hydrate.

Review: Fail #1: Package design.

Almay is jerking off for joy over how it’s 75% recycled material, yet they use so much of it, any benefit from the recycling is negated by sheer volume. You pull this cardboard box top off, and find… more box, containing the actual powder.